cosmic quality in-home vision and sound experience


  • Market and competitive brands analysis (positioning, communication, names)
  • Consumer segmentation
  • New brand concept  incl. brand name with tagline and visual identity materials (logo, business cards and letters)



growth of orders


Our client, a small firm specialising in designing and installing audio-video solutions for intelligent houses called AVS, asked us to help them grow their business via growing number of clients and orders.


We started the project from an in-depth interview with the Client. We asked them many questions about their job, category, competition and their vision of the company and image of the AVS brand. It appeared that their and competitive brands were not based on shoppers` insights due to lack of any market research. As a result the moodboard of the category prepared by the Client was full of cords, amplifiers and other technical appliances. Quick legal check revealed also that the brand name could not be protected as there was already another brand registered under the same name. Additionally majority of companies in the category offered the same products, at similar prices, communicating with customers in a technical jargon not understood by people out of the category.

Therefore we decided to conduct numerous interviews with people buying electronics and based on findings we pulled out together a preliminary consumer/customer segmentation. We divided the market into 3 homogeneous segments: `Movie and Music Home Lovers`, `Brand Snobs` and `Technology Freaks`. Then we deepened information about them via etnographic observations and in-depth interviews. It helped us understand what is a perception of the category of each and every of the segment, their needs and motives and brands` repertoire. Based on that we recommended our client `Movie and Music Home Lovers` as the core target group. Afterwards we asked them about their perception of the AVS brand and we discovered that it lacks uniqueness, differentiation and is completely unappealing to them.


We developed a new breakthrough brand concept of cosmic quality in-home vision and sound experience, under a brand name the `Moonstation 19` and with the brand tagline `out-of earth home entertainment`. As a result of semantic studies we finally shortened the name to Moonstation and prepared its visual identity materials: logotype, business cards and paper.

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