proposal of motivational-loyalty program for buyers of male deodorants


  • Focus Groups and In-depth interviews
  • Competitive analysis (brand positioning and communication)
  • Concept of diversified promotional program
  • Key visuals of POSM, promotional packagings, web site


The sales of male deodorants is heavily affected by presence of big footbal events such us world or European championships. Unfortunately there was 2010 and the next such event were to take place in more than a year. Therefore our Client, the COTY Polska company, was expecting a decline in sales of the Adidas male deodorants. Thus, we were approached by the Client to prepare the concept of 1.5 year motivational-loyalty program for male deodorant buyers that would compensate a lack of a big football event and maintain the sales or even grow it.


We started our assignment from focused groups and in-depth interviews with the category users, including the Adidas buyers, who were interested in football. We asked them about the importance and meaning of big footbal events in their lives. Thanks to that we found out that our program would have to directly involve them and bring a lot of fun, excitement, passion, `healthy` competition.

On the other hand we analysed the brand positioning, world and personality of the Adidas brand, so that our program perfectly fit it. Finally, our program was to take into account the characteristics of the target group - a young, active, striving for success people of many interests cultivating their social relations.


Based on our analysis we have prepared the concept of diversified program that would create many, small waves=events to actively involve the category users and their friends into the Adidas brand world and bring positive emotions, passion, fun and excitement while generating reason to prefer and grow sales of the Adidas deodorants. Because to participate in each event the users would have to buy min. 1 Adidas deodorant.

The program would be communicated to the target group via POS materials in the stores, online campaign and dedicated web site. Additionally each part of the program was to be communicated  not only in the point of purchase but also schools and via on-pack information.

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