Brand Naming

The brand name serves as the foundation of a successful brand and is an asset of enormous value. Well-designed names are automatically associetd with the category and project the brand image and personality as well as highlight key benefits of product, service or company and differentiate it from competition and inspire.

We help developing names and taglines of brands, products, companies and services. 

  • analising their meaning, symbolism and associations
  • recommending their type – descriptive, abstract, empirical or suggestive
  • verifying their ability for legal and patent protection 
  • designing their full architecture.
Properly created brand name and tagline have a significant importance for companies future market success.
It is crucial that a brand name is easily memorized, distinctive, associated with products or services offered, evoked strong and positive emotions, associations, images consisting on a brand as a person and able to register and protect .
To achieve it, both brand name and tagline should stem from a brand`s positioning concept and be a result of analyse of competitive brands, their positioning, communication, perception and symbolism.