Brand strategy is a long-term market view on brand building and development including:

  • segmentation of market
  • competition and trade environment
  • selection of core target and its needs
  • brand perception, type and strenght of brand-consumer relation

Differentiation is no longer enough. That’s why the goal of any brand strategy should be to establish market leadership. We can help you to achieve it via definining what your brand should stand for.

We believe that all brands at birth are equal and have the same chance of success.


Like humans, they are composed of body and soul and come in a variety of interactions and should therefore be analyzed and evaluated in terms of:

  • physical appearance 
  • values and lifestyle
  • personality
  • behaviour and verbal communications
  • needs and motivations
  • type and strenght of brand-consumer relations


We believe that such brands establish various types of relations with their consumers and shoppers:

  • acquaintances
  • friendships
  • romances
  • marriages (romantic, mature, toxic)
  • failures (break-ups, divorces)

Market Success = close, positive and strong relationship between the brand and its target group