Brand Archetypes

13/08/2014  Brand Strategy

Archetypes are pre-requisite for brand building – to create rich brand personality, infuse brand with values, define its relationships with target group and establish brand communication platform and tone of voice.

Brand archetype is a critical factor that helps to personalize & differentiate brands so that they can come to life and be treated as human beings. This, in turn, helps brands to build a strong and long-lasting rapport with their users.

Click the link below and be invited to have a look at different brand archetypes and see where your and your competition brands fit in.

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Dobra Strategia Marki To Podstawa Znakomitej Strategii Komunikacji Marki

07/02/2014  Brand Strategy

Make Love. Not War.

Axe Brings a Message of Peace to the Gender Wars, and the World. This is a new creative excution around long-term Axe brand communication platform.

Axe, the Unilever men’s personal-care brand known for inciting controversy in the gender wars with ads often deemed sexist, wants everyone to just get along in its 30-second Super Bowl spot—which co-opts the famous old slogan „Make Love. Not War” to push a new product line called Axe Peace.

This way the Unilever extends appeal of its brand to a wider target group:

  • women as the new commercial makes the brand less sexist
  • elder consumers  as the brand, thanks to this new commercial, gains a wider emotional appeal based upon a very wide, universal and the strongest human emotion

As a result the Axe brand is evolving, in terms of execution, from the sex-based image appealing to the youth towards  higher emotions-based image. However the brand`s core communication platform stays unchanged – irresistibly seductive brandThis is possible only when a brand strategy is well prepared.

Bravo Axe!

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Innowacyjna Strategia Marki: CITI Bike To Przykład Jak Można Ocieplić Zimną i Sztywną Markę Usług Finansowych

08/01/2014  Brand Strategy

Differentiate or Die. Innovate Your Brand Strategy or Die.

Launched in May 2013, Citi Bike is a program that put 10,000 cobalt blue three-speed bicycles with puncture resistant tires into some 600 stations all around New York City. It means that the Citi brand is pervasive in New York and, better yet, is seen on something innovative, even trendy. So trendy that Bruce Willis rode a Citi Bike onto the stage of David Letterman’s Late Night Show. So trendy that even celebrities are seen riding the citi bike, for example Leonardo Di Caprio.

There’s no apparent downside: fewer cars, less pollution, good exercise, access to neighborhoods far from public transportation and cool factor.

The program is not only cool, but also successful. During the first five months of the program more than 90,000 people bought annual passes for $95 and five million trips were made, over nearly ten million miles.

But what is most important is that the program re-energized the citi brand strategy as the brand began to be seen as more innovative, socially responsible and `for people like me`. It is an important and quick win after a lot of bad press during the financial crisis.

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